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Winnipeg Hypnotherapy is proud to offer to our cherished clients:

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In Office Appointment – if possible the best way to have an appointment

On-line Appointment – such as Skype – some restrictions apply.  Individualized Hypnosis for the client who wants the best results, but can’t make a personal appointment. You will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with a camera, speaker, microphone and preferably access to WIFI. Facetime on iPhone also works. A quiet place with some privacy is preferred. 

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We specialized in the following but not limited to them:

Success, your own GPS -in Business or Personal Success – Eliminating Negative Talk, Self-Destructive Habits/Reactions, Limiting Beliefs Fear and Stress.- Gaining Confidence and Self-esteem, Self-trust, and Self Belief. You are the only one holding you back. Let Winnipeg Hypnotherapy update your GPS and get you on the road to success.

P.T.S.D/Trauma – whether it was in your childhood or just current, even the smallest of Trauma can affect your life in major ways, even when you think you are past it. Trauma comes from things we saw, were part of, or heard.  Trauma causes physical illness and mental illness. depression, poor self-esteem, low confidence, and negative thinking. It also causes fear and stops us from doing things in life we want most.

For Service Veterans and First Responders – please call we have a special program for you. Don’t let a good deed or service for your country rob you and your families of your future.

Stress 85% of our illness come from stress, mental and physical. Think how happy and safe this world would be if it was not for stress/worry/anxiety. If that were not enough, stress makes it so we can not heal properly physically or as quickly as we should.  Stress also prevents us from getting ahead in life as it distracts us from what we need to do and stops us from moving forward to success or dealing with the difficult things in life.

Weight, it’s not a diet –  Winnipeg Hypnotherapy offers a new and unique comprehensive way to health, gauged to maintain, lose, gain or for those who have a lot of weight to loss and others who are looking for an easier approach to weight health than the struggle they are having now. We have Mindband.

MindBand a unique non-surgical alternative to pills and surgery – this is a special comprehensive program. It’s Lapband without surgery.

Depression – to solve a problem you must get to the root of the problem and that is also the way with depression. You can recover and never have a recurrence again.

Addictions – Alcohol, Smoking, Sex, Food, Drugs and etc.

Past Life Regression – explore for fun, find answers to pain or fear that has no cause and to heal from the past.

Life Regression – heal from the pain in this lifetime and move forward without the chains of the past

Life Progression – to explore what life could be in the future and help you make decisions.

Corporate  – to help your staff move forward to be productive, cooperative, and happy at the workplace.

Business Services

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to motivate your sales force and can be done in a group setting or individually. It also can be used to manage your workforce so that they work as a team and end work related tension and animosity.

Hypnotherapy can be added as a benefit to group plans.

Professional for those looking for success in their business or at their work,  Hypnotherapy can be used to change self-limiting beliefs, bad habits, bad reactions and self-sabotage.

Group Services and classes  Attend a group class – includes information, questions, answers and hypnosis. Classes are limited to the number of participants. Book early. Courses are mixed gender unless otherwise stated. Bring a yoga mat if you wish.  

Group Speaking Engagements  – an interesting, funny and informative dialogue that is enlightening and answers all those questions you didn’t even know you had.

Self Investment 

 An investment in yourself, because you are the only one you who has the power to make a better you.

Each session is unique and personalized for each client. Scripts are not used as they do not allow for the individuality of each client.  

           one regular session $180.00

      Smoking $180.00

MINDBAND and New Life Weight and Sugar Free for Diabetes Can be  special programs,  email for info and pricing.

$50.00 service charge for Cancellation within 24 hours of appointment

In person payments can be made by, MasterCard, Visa, E-transfer, or PayPal (here online above)

Payment is due in advance for all Skype Sessions. Paid by Visa, MasterCard, E-transfer, PayPal.

Medical Insurance and Taxes – a receipt will be given for you to submit to your Insurance Company or Government.

Corporate  – to help your staff move forward to be productive, cooperative, and happy at the workplace.

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